Five Minute Friday: Rescue

Every Friday, I spend five minutes or so writing on a word prompt from the Five Minute Friday community. Then, I hit publish. Good for the writing muscles and for cultivating a playful approach to the writing work that can sometimes be taken oh-so-seriously.

supers have an edge
for a while
until even
need salvaging from some
burning wreckage
watch on purpose, you’ll always find the
revelation hidden in the rescue.
who is willing, and who would, but…

maybe the heroes glow
with such limelight
are too terrified of
the price tag on disempowering
villains who thrive on ordinary
fear and infrastructures
we created…

You can find the linkup for today’s prompt here.

The older we get, the less we want heroes and the more we hope for helpers. This is especially true in our art and writing work.

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7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Rescue”

  1. Pertinent! Poetry that encapsulates big thoughts in few words. <3 One meditation that keeps coming back to me as I've been reading through the thoughts gleaned from this particular prompt is that balance between wanting to be rescued and doing the rescuing ourselves — of our own selves. And those nearest to us in our own lives. Though He is thee Savior, I think part of God's point was to be an example of how He wanted us to go on. I don't think God expects us to be passive in the rescuing stories — though very often He does the heavy lifting, to be sure! I love seeing others' take on this theme. Lots of nuances.

  2. We want them all to stand alone
    against a blood-washed sky,
    and we want them to atone
    for our sins, then die,
    for if they live past saving us,
    then we are in their debt,
    so if we throw them ‘neath the bus
    we need not reckon yet
    with the price so freely paid
    in what was our good name;
    if things go wrong there can be laid
    upon their heads, the blame,
    for heroes come, then fade away
    while we remain here everyday.


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