Hey, friend. I’m Amanda.

I believe our lives change when we embrace our identity as beloved Image-bearers of a good God.

My goal is to help you


this identity;

and to offer you tools that will help you


this identity.

In order to embrace our identity as Beloved, we need to hear our loving Father reassure us himself. Our busy lives can keep us from that—often because we haven’t been taught how to hear him, or we think it’s a complicated process.

The good news? It’s not complicated!

Our five senses are excellent at listening to God. He created them, after all. Sometimes, they just need a starting point.

I have a short, simple guide for you that offers specific, uncomplicated ways for being mindful of the presence of God. Recognizing his presence is the first part of hearing him speak life and love over us.

Here are a few other helps for embracing + experiencing identity in Christ:

Identity in Christ is as much a mindset as anything else. Too often in the Church, we toss the phrase out assuming everyone will know what it means—but this just isn’t true. In this post, I tell a story about asking a total stranger what is meant by this phrase, and what I learned as a result.

You know those moments when you’ve just screwed up big time—and the narration starts? Look at this mess. You really did it this time. Who do you think you are? You have no business calling yourself ______. You are a failure.

I felt like that after an awkward and complete disaster of pitching a book proposal. I tell that story here, and what I learned about my identity through the experience.

I wrote a quick email about identity one day, and the response surprised me. It seems so many of us get the concept of being accepted and beloved, but we just. don’t. feel. it. These moments are exactly when we get to shift from embracing to experiencing our identity as God’s beloved ones. Click here to read more.

How does identity create an enduring sense of freedom?

Realizing who I am—a beloved daughter of my heavenly Father, one in whom Christ dwells and delights, and someone who is not the sum of my performances—has been life-altering. I wrote a short essay to explain how I began to understand this, and the mantra I have embraced as a result. You can access it in the library by subscribing, right here:

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