Hey, friend. I’m Amanda.

I’m a lifelong writer turned poet, and a writing coach.

My goal is to help you:

  • experience freedom in your writing life
  • embrace your own unique creative process
  • develop a soulful strategy to sustain your habits

Through coaching, I offer you a safe space to listen to your own life, curb the harsh voice of the inner critic, and name what you value and want from the art + science of writing, so you can make measurable, intentional progress.

Schedule a free, 25-minute discovery call with me to test-drive the coaching process.

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A few fun facts:

+ I’m the author of a poetry book and a contributor for another. Both were self-published, and I’m very proud of them! You can check them out here.

+ I used to write about spirituality and identity through the lens of christianity. Nowadays, I write about spirituality and identity without many specific containers.

+ My spouse and I homeschool our oldest kiddo (we have two).

+ I grew up loving skating, both roller blading and ice skating. These days I’m learning to roll on quad skates.

+ The mountains are my happy place, and my favorite vacation is a cabin in the Smokies where all I do is read, nap, visit bookstores, and hang out with my best friend.

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