Hey, friend. I’m Amanda.

This world is big, scary, weird, and messy.

Fortunately, we have a Father who is great, safe, good, and lovely. And we are meant to mirror his likeness to one another.

My goal is to give you lenses to see your identity as an Image-Bearer, tools to foster creativity to express this identity, and encouragement to seek community centered around this identity.

I believe that none of us are meant to walk with God alone. We are meant to grab each other by the hand, and point out all his beauty and goodness, and remind one another of how we belong to a King coming again.

Here are a few other helps to get you started:

Embrace Identity

Realizing who I am—a beloved daughter of my heavenly Father, one in whom Christ dwells and delights, and someone who is not the sum of my performances—has been life-altering. I wrote a small essay to explain how I began to understand this, and the mantra I have embraced as a result. You can get it by subscribing, right here.

We are born creative. Our culture tends to put creativity in a specific box, labeled “Art,” filled with such things as painting, music, and DIY crafting. But we don’t play by those rules, do we? We know creativity is simply the expression of our Image-Bearing identity: “In the beginning, God made…”

Here’s a quick Shout-Out to Your Creativity.

My favorite thing to do is to enjoy God through community—what this usually looks like is sitting on the kitchen floor with other moms, sharing fractured Jesus-conversation around the noisy play (and occasional tantrums) of kiddos, stealing sips of our cold coffee.

Sometimes, it looks like gathering around the table on a Sunday morning, with Bibles, other believers, and quick’n’easy brunch foods. And sometimes, it looks like praying with a cashier at the store who was brave enough to share their stresses with a stranger.

Community is wherever we find people, and contribute what we can to make life better.

Click here to read about some jump-start ideas for building community.

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