What I’m Learning—Autumn Edition 2019

Autumn seems to be a favorite season for so many of us. I wonder sometimes about the reason—more than the respite from summer’s heat or a return to normal schedules, perhaps it’s that autumn reminds us change is always assured. For me this year, autumn meant a change in routine, a change in focus, and … Read moreWhat I’m Learning—Autumn Edition 2019

How to Hold onto Your Identity in the Midst of Failure

You know how little kids’ voices shake and jerk out in single syllables when they’re having a meltdown? That was me in the car the other week, calling my husband about about my first meeting with an editor at a writer’s conference. You know how you have no idea how much something means to you … Read moreHow to Hold onto Your Identity in the Midst of Failure

What I’m Learning—Summer Edition 2019

Summer wasn’t what I expected this year. It held some surprises, some study, and a crazy-big bunch of slowness. Despite a diminished speed of motion, I’m realizing there was still a lot to glean from this season of Sabbath. No.1 I need creative outlets AND rest Being creative, whether this looks like writing, taking pictures, … Read moreWhat I’m Learning—Summer Edition 2019

What I Learned About God From My Newborn

Photo credit: Lisa Stellmach Delighted to be guest posting today over at Pamela Henkelman’s blog! Pamela asked us to share a story of “refining fire”, a time in life where God burned away something old and brought forth something new. I had this old one stashed away; the memories are still fresh, and the lesson … Read moreWhat I Learned About God From My Newborn