What I’m Learning—Summer Edition 2020

2020. The year we’ll never miss, yes? In order to fit in with everything else we’re experiencing, time has felt very weird. For instance – I have never known such long weeks in. my. life. But the months? The months seem to border on warp speed. It makes no sense, and I will not try … Read moreWhat I’m Learning—Summer Edition 2020

What To Do When Your Feelings Don’t Match Your Identity

On a Thursday last fall, I typed up a fairly short and simple email about feelings and identity. I sent it out to subscribers and didn’t think much about it—in fact, if you’d asked me, I wouldn’t have considered it one of the better emails I’ve written. But something in it resonated deeply with readers. … Read moreWhat To Do When Your Feelings Don’t Match Your Identity

Embracing Identity in Christ In A World Divided on Race

I felt the heaviness envelope me. 4:30 in the morning has its own kind of quiet, it’s own kind of weight. It carries its own brand of dreams and its own awakenings. As I fed and cuddled my three-month-old in the dimness of the darkened bedroom, I sensed a grief settle down on my shoulders … Read moreEmbracing Identity in Christ In A World Divided on Race

What I’m Learning—Autumn Edition 2019

Autumn seems to be a favorite season for so many of us. I wonder sometimes about the reason—more than the respite from summer’s heat or a return to normal schedules, perhaps it’s that autumn reminds us change is always assured. For me this year, autumn meant a change in routine, a change in focus, and … Read moreWhat I’m Learning—Autumn Edition 2019

Start a New Thanksgiving Tradition

As a holiday, Thanksgiving sometimes feels less visible than it used to be. Between the marketing that focuses completely on The Food, and getting smashed between what-has-now-become-the-Halloween-season and Christmas, Thanksgiving sometimes feels like a mere front runner for Black Friday. I’ve found I need to be very intentional about how and why I celebrate on … Read moreStart a New Thanksgiving Tradition

How to Hold onto Your Identity in the Midst of Failure

You know how little kids’ voices shake and jerk out in single syllables when they’re having a meltdown? That was me in the car the other week, calling my husband about about my first meeting with an editor at a writer’s conference. You know how you have no idea how much something means to you … Read moreHow to Hold onto Your Identity in the Midst of Failure

When You Need Some Margin in Your Holidays

We all know it, we all dread it, we all feel a low hum of anxiety over it: the rush and pressure of the holiday season. Somewhere along the way, what we’re pretty sure was supposed to be a season of joy and peace has become a season of scurry and scramble, hustle and harried … Read moreWhen You Need Some Margin in Your Holidays

What I’m Learning—Summer Edition 2019

Summer wasn’t what I expected this year. It held some surprises, some study, and a crazy-big bunch of slowness. Despite a diminished speed of motion, I’m realizing there was still a lot to glean from this season of Sabbath. No.1 I need creative outlets AND rest Being creative, whether this looks like writing, taking pictures, … Read moreWhat I’m Learning—Summer Edition 2019