Looking to achieve clarity and make progress in your writing?

Are you a non-fiction writer, aspiring author, creative entrepreneur, or poet?

Welcome! You’re in the right place.

Hey friend, I’m Amanda and here’s what I believe about you:

You already hold every key you need to unlock every door you want to walk through in your writing journey.

Sometimes, you simply need an engaged listener to ask thoughtful questions so you can sort through your keys. 

That’s where coaching comes in. I love to help writers name what they want from both the art and business of writing.

As a Hope*Writers certified writing coach, I partner with you through active listening, genuine empathy, and powerful questions, so you can make intentional and measurable progress.

I work with writers who are:

  • overwhelmed by the speed & demands of the internet
  • trying to balance the writing/parenting life
  • paralyzed by decision
  • feeling creatively ‘stuck’
  • writing a book
  • contemplating a pivot
  • unsure of how to define their reader
  • unclear on their specific message
  • seeking to improve their time management/productivity

Through coaching, we partner together so you can:

  • get clear on your writing vision, strategy, & reader profile
  • write your book
  • create writing routines tailored to your own life
  • attune to your time management & energy levels
  • name your values, priorities, & creative season
  • cut through the inner noise & define success for yourself
  • ask the hard questions about creative blocks
  • create structure for accountability
  • make tangible progress
  • celebrate every small step forward

As a lifelong writer, I understand the courage it takes to treat your work with professionalism, even when you’re not in a season of creative harvest.

Your words matter, friend, and the world needs them. 

I believe our collaboration can help you cultivate your innate ability to listen to your own writing life, and unlock sustainable creativity through a co-creative relationship.

You’re invited to come sort through your keys—I’m saving you a spot.

“I tried to finish a book by myself for many years. Since Amanda became my coach, she has helped me to stay focused on my goals, identify distractions, remain accountable, and be honest with my process and emotions without giving up.” —Angie

“Amanda has been crucial part of my process, helping me to navigate my specific writing goals through thought-provoking questions and incredible attention to detail.” —Brittany

“Working with Amanda quickly became the highlight of my week. In just a few sessions, she helped me have greater clarity on who my reader is and what specific message I have to share. If you are looking to get unstuck or find more clarity in your writing journey, I would highly recommend Amanda!” —Amy