Five Minute Friday: City

Every Friday, I spend five minutes or so writing on a word prompt from the Five Minute Friday community. Then, I hit publish. Good for the writing muscles and for cultivating a playful approach to the writing work that can sometimes be taken oh-so-seriously.

seventeen-year-old selves find
to dance with all the dreams inside
on the uneven concrete sidewalks

grow older and stillness and
quiet and unsocial safety
of forests and fields casts a different spell—
room to breathe and take apart

and now while quarantining in respective
places it seems neighbors would be nice
but one learns a long time ago: better to be lonely
than in a crowded place of in-a-hurry people

Loneliness is a real struggle in our modern world.

Book clubs can be a place to combat that as, for just a few weeks, we all read the same pages and bare our thoughts—maybe a few inches of soul—in thoughtful and kind discussion.

I’m hosting a book club this fall for Unfettered: Imagining a Childlike Faith Beyond the Baggage of Western Culture by Mandy Smith. This book invites curious Jesus people to engage with faith through rest, creativity, questions, and playfulness.

Don’t wait—registration closes Sunday at midnight. See all the details and sign up here:

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6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: City”

  1. I get lonely in a crowd,
    all those blank and foreign faces
    talking, all, so very loud
    to make me long for desert places
    in which the whisper of the wind
    is language of the Great Divine
    that tells me that though I have sinned,
    I am His, and I’ll be fine.
    Away now from the city’s heat
    I feel another kind of warmth
    that bakes from stone beneath my feet,
    a harbinger of Second Birth,
    and only God will fain intrude
    in my blessed solitude.

  2. You speak to my heart with your words, “than in a crowded place of in-a hurry people.” Oh my, I have felt that quite often! I find a quiet space among this writing community. Thank you once again. (Karen, FMF #5)


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