What I’m Learning—Summer Edition 2020

2020. The year we’ll never miss, yes? In order to fit in with everything else we’re experiencing, time has felt very weird. For instance – I have never known such long weeks in. my. life. But the months? The months seem to border on warp speed. It makes no sense, and I will not try … Read moreWhat I’m Learning—Summer Edition 2020

Start a New Thanksgiving Tradition

As a holiday, Thanksgiving sometimes feels less visible than it used to be. Between the marketing that focuses completely on The Food, and getting smashed between what-has-now-become-the-Halloween-season and Christmas, Thanksgiving sometimes feels like a mere front runner for Black Friday. I’ve found I need to be very intentional about how and why I celebrate on … Read moreStart a New Thanksgiving Tradition

When You Need Some Margin in Your Holidays

We all know it, we all dread it, we all feel a low hum of anxiety over it: the rush and pressure of the holiday season. Somewhere along the way, what we’re pretty sure was supposed to be a season of joy and peace has become a season of scurry and scramble, hustle and harried … Read moreWhen You Need Some Margin in Your Holidays