Forgotten Title

NaPoWriMo 2022 // day 9

I can’t remember
what this poem was supposed to be.
I heard it
while seated on the floor of the living room
legs stretched out in a ‘v,’ clacking cars
down a ramp with my two-year-old son.
click click click swooosh

it’s a race to get the first car back to the top
while the second is on its fender
the third close behind and the fourth
just starting its journey
click click click swoosh

As I said, I heard the poem.
Had the lines, maybe five,
plus a really nice ending—
something about listening

but it’s gone now
lost between here at the keyboard
and there in front of the couch
next to the piano I don’t play anymore.

I don’t know why
I won’t write these things down
in the moment
but I think ‘oh, I’ve got it, I’ll remember’
and then the verbs and nouns
get squashed out by the present

and the giggles and the springtime sunset
pushing back the clouds
and the small warm person
attempting to stick a car
right into the path of mine
derailing us both and pressing
the grins out of our chests
right onto our faces.

and maybe that’s the poem.

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