What the Rooms Hold

NaPoWriMo 2022 // day 10

the empty rooms
speak the loudest
telling us all they have heard
and seen
and held
the quiet corners
never quite
but still spilling
a story here or there;

pages read past midnight
because falling asleep
means facing
another day too quickly;

piles of clothes
tried on and tossed off
at the polished
altar of Idealism
(so many converts,
so few salvations);

cobwebs and crumbs
chilling out together
because new ones
get spun and spread
as fast as they are broomed
and what, truly,
is the point?

the corners keep
their secrets
and the secrets shape
the life

and when the life
is lived
the rooms will be empty

and maybe
this life
is just going to be
good enough
as it is.

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