Five Minute Friday: Middle

Every Friday, I spend five minutes or so writing on a word prompt from the Five Minute Friday community. Then, I hit publish. Good for the writing muscles and for cultivating a playful approach to the writing work that can sometimes be taken oh-so-seriously.

Dear You-Living-In-The-Middle,

There’s an insidious belief bullying our culture. It’s the belief of straight-line-ism.

This belief teaches that we should know precisely what we want, where we’re going, and exactly how to get there. The starting point is important, but the destination is preeminent.

And the middle? What happens in the middle doesn’t matter.

This belief is a lie.

Many a church service, business conference, and motivational speech will try to capitalize on straight-line-ism, but don’t you believe it.

We don’t get GPS coordinates. Or even a roadmap. And the true story is that the middle is the real destination.

The middle is where we live, where we dwell day-to-day. The middle is where we learn to recognize the voice of the Shepherd. Learn to grab for his hand in the irritating moments, the painful experiences, the memories that would mishandle our hearts and minds.

Being in the middle is what gives meaning to any destinations—because the middle is where we practice embracing our truest identity as God’s beloved.

In the stressed, messy middle, we choose to believe we’re beloved. We learn to accept our belonging without any meritorious accomplishments to prove our right to be included. We hold out our empty hands and allow them to be filled by an abundance-giving God.

The middle is where we learn to live loved.

So keep going, You-in-the-middle, whether you feel like you’re moving forward, sliding backward, or simply standing still. Every moment is the middle of what has been and will be.

And you are loved right here.

One more thing—even though life in the middle can feel incredibly lonely, it doesn’t have to be. Community in our middle spaces is invaluable.

Take writing: spilling words onto pages can be one of the most lonely experiences we can have. But I’m a member of Hope*Writers, and this community makes me feel seen and much less lonely.

Hope*Writers is one of the biggest reasons I haven’t given up on writing over the past few years of living in the middle. I’ve made real-life friends from this group, and grown so much in my writing skills and habits. They’re opening for new members soon—I’d love for you to join us.

Want more details? Check out Hope*Writers’ 30 second quiz on the 6-stage writing path—which is appropriately more a circle than a straight line.

hope*writers writing path logo

Or feel free to contact me with questions. I love to brainstorm progress and creativity with other hopeful writers.

By the way, today’s prompt, ‘middle,’ is part of both Five Minute Friday’s weekly linkup and a Hope*Writers 7 day writing challenge. We are literally in the middle right now, and you can participate.

Want to know more about Hope*Writers? I have page about that.

(FYI, some of these offerings are specifically for this week, so don’t wait.)

12 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Middle”

  1. I love this! The journey is more important than the start or the end. Without the middle, there would be no story at all! We would learn nothing and become nothing. Thankful for a God who not only set us on the journey but travels the road with us.

  2. Don’t wonder where I’m going,
    don’t care where I have been,
    no longing for the knowing,
    for I can dig the scene
    of being fully in the now,
    of standing in the sun,
    of saying “Hi!” to spotted cow
    (oh, Bessie, please don’t run!).
    Well, OK, not what I planned,
    I guess the cow got scared
    when I waved with my right hand;
    and I was not prepared
    for what happened as she turned away,
    and I got hosed down by the spray.


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