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The Library

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Hope*Writers is my favorite writing resource of all time.

Before books. Before conferences. Before Google.

Because of my membership, I have access to

~a growing library of valuable, from-the-pros resources
~a community that answers questions + gives encouragement + gets the struggles and joys of the writing life
~genuine support and welcome to embrace my own identity as a writer
~IRL friendships with other writers in my region, and across the world
~hope*circles + guided hope*circles: think small groups of peer writers dedicated to helping each other make progress, AND 8 week groups led by a trained hope*writer guide around a specific topic

COMING SOON: ~writing coaching! In January 2022, hope*writers will point members to certified hope*writers coaches. Members can purchase coaching with trained writing coaches who know and understand the hope*writers writing path.

Right now, September 2021, Hope*Writers is open to new members for a $1 trial! The doors are only open till Friday, the 24th.  

Ready to join? Or want more info? Everything you need to know is right here. Leave a comment if you’d join, I’d love to personally welcome you!  

Here are some helps to get you connected to what they’re offering and decide if membership is something you’re interested in.

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30-second quiz to help writers discover where they are on the 6-stage writing path

10 Questions to ask yourself if you want to write a book

Click here to watch other members tell their stories about how Hope*Writers has made a difference in their creativity, and click the button at the bottom of the page to get on the waitlist to join! (Their email list is one of the highest-value lists I’ve ever been on.)