NaPoWriMo 2022 // day 15
FMF link-up :: deny

keep your crosses
and your fancy silver cups,
your white lilies
and modulating hymns.

my heart
is still stuck in the garden
where the Main Character
suffers a mental breakdown

while the religious elite
ready their robes
for a [culture] war

the zealots
dream of their Empire

and the followers
are still fast asleep.

10 thoughts on “Denial”

  1. Amanda, this is terrific, and touches me on many levels.

    My battered heart is still at war,
    and I have promises to keep,
    but my body knows the score,
    and it cries out, let me sleep!
    The good old days a month ago
    have flown away on cancer’s storm;
    the television’s flicker-glow
    has become my quiet norm,
    but still I force myself to rise,
    to reach for tools beyond my strength,
    rally muscle, sharpen eyes,
    and though I can’t go on at length
    to my old self I will be true,
    and do what work I yet can do.


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