Five Minute Friday: Broken

Every Friday, I spend five minutes or so writing on a word prompt from the Five Minute Friday community. Then, I hit publish. Good for the writing muscles and for cultivating a playful approach to the writing work that can sometimes be taken oh-so-seriously.

we hide
from life’s
the ones that threaten
then smash
and leave us with
broken pieces

it hurts and
it isn’t fair and
if we could read crystal balls
our world wouldn’t 
shatter quite so much

but when the heavy iron
falls and the shards
splinter apart
we find out
what’s inside

no place to
hide anymore
that latent
the one made
good and beautiful with
good and beautiful dreams
crafted by a
good and beautiful
now has a passport
to where she’s always

straight through those
broken fragments
into the wild

You can find the link to read others’ responses to ‘broken’ or to participate yourself here.

I deeply believe that the things that break us also lead us into a new realm of creativity.

Creativity is one of the most powerful ways we reflect the image of God. I’ve written a brief, 1 page guide on embracing creativity for Image-Bearers—maybe it will spark a new practice or way of looking at creativity for you. Subscribe below to read it.

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12 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Broken”

  1. Great work, Amanda, but, well…oh, dear. Not feeling too great this morning, and at first I read “we hide from life’s hamsters…”

    And now I can’t get it out of my head.

    They train upon the hamster-wheel,
    the rodents that we fear,
    train to put us through ordeal
    and to make it clear
    that the hamster rules the land,
    without boundary or limit;
    it’s a world we’d better understand
    for friend, we just live in it.
    And now they’re coming out in force,
    so red in tooth and claw
    steady on their fateful course
    and laying down the law
    that we better have a really good
    supply of favoured hamster-food.


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