Five Minute Friday: Savor

Every Friday, I spend five minutes or so writing on a word prompt from the Five Minute Friday community. Then, I hit publish. Good for the writing muscles.

Like most words chosen at the beginning of 2020, mine seemed ironic by the year’s midpoint.
How do you “savor” a pandemic? Loneliness? Thousands of deaths?
You don’t, of course.
You savor what’s found in between—the moments of joy squeezed out like drops of lemon juice.

With spring bursting out of every crack in the earth, and a newborn who’d arrived the week lockdowns began, our little family of four took near-daily after-dinner drives.

Cruising along country roads, we survived the sense of uncertainty enveloping every decision we made or didn’t.
We let movement and beauty soothe raw, sleep-deprived nerves.
We shared snacks, letting the sweetness or salt linger on our tongues.
We savored both what we saw and where we were and what we did have. Doing so made the world feel a little safer, and revealed a little more goodness to taste.

What’s your favorite memory from the pandemic?

This prompt was timely—did you know I’ve created a simple guide for using our senses, including savoring, to connect with God in everyday moments? I’d love to send it to you.

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You can find the link up for today’s prompt here.

12 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Savor”

  1. This so resonated with me a “Savor” was my OneWord2020 as well. Over this past year, I truly learned to savor the small delights and time spent with God. I am so glad to have stopped here as I think this is my first time here so, “Nice to meet you!” 🙂

  2. Cancer’s shut down my horizons
    on the mesa that I call my home;
    nor T-Mobile, nor Verizon
    will let this be other than ‘roam’,
    so daily I get out and walk
    across the sand and sage and logs,
    and when I need to, I just talk
    to my dear delightful dogs
    who don’t ken the COVID thing,
    and if they don’t well, why should I?
    Instead we watch red-tail hawks wing
    across the flawless desert sky
    and thank the Lord in all His glory
    for this grace that is our story.

  3. It’s hard to think of the pandemic as anything to savor, but knowing that all things are under the ultimate control of our loving God, it is definitely important to look for the good in it. Give thanks in all things! Nice post. Visiting from FMF#19

  4. So “savor” was your word for the year? Interesting! My favorite memory was from late last spring. We had seven people living here at that time, and only three of us were working. Two young men laid off from work and two young ladies without work and doing college classes virtually. We were all bored and stressed and cabin-feverish all at the same time. One evening we knew the ISS would be flying overhead at a certain time, so we all went outside with sparklers and waved as we watched that tiny dot float across our sky. Silly. Then we went inside and played a board game or cards or something. And it was good because we were together and laughing.
    Visiting from FMF#25


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