Five Minute Friday: Enable

I’m trying something new for a bit. Every Friday, I spend five minutes or so writing on a word prompt from the Five Minute Friday community. Then, I hit publish. Good for the writing muscles.

You are good.

I am grateful for your goodness, how it spreads, and sprouts, and multiplies.

Enable me to let your goodness keep growing.
Let me ‘laugh the laughter of the freed
Throwing my head back with joy at the silly and simple things.

Enable me to tell a true story
To write words of wisdom won through
Sharp hunger and desert thirst
Fully satisfied in your unlimited love.

Enable me to do the mundane
With a sparkling awareness of your ever-present Self,
To mark the moments savoring your nearness.

My heart glows with deep gratefulness
And I celebrate that you are
With us.

You can find the link up for today’s prompt here.

Let me know if you decide to join the Five Minute Friday challenge. I’d love to cheer for you!

8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Enable”

  1. Oh Amanda! I love this! Your words resonate with my soul! “Throwing my head back”, “desert thirst”, “sparkling awareness”! Such word pictures! So glad I’m your #fmf neighbor this week! Cindy


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