Five Minute Friday: Accountability

Every Friday, I spend five minutes or so writing on a word prompt from the Five Minute Friday community. Then, I hit publish. Good for the writing muscles and for cultivating a playful approach to the writing work that can sometimes be taken oh-so-seriously.


able-hearted Body
to name the nefarious
without dumping the humanity
into the blender.


to wield healing touch through
veils, and hold the space
to reflect unruly


to both turn over tables and
take time to question tactics,
with full-on, face-to-face, warm-blooded


You can find the link-up for today’s prompt here.

An accountability relationship can be precious tool, if entered into with agency and for the purpose of furthering your own goals. Coaching is a kind of accountability.

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4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Accountability”

  1. Oh my, all of these are so very needed! Able-hearted Body members, story tellers, and peace-makers – and for all of us to do these with creativity and compassion. Thank you once again for your beautiful and deeply meaningful writing. Karen (FMF #9)


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